Magyar Tudomány The journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Established: 1840


Gábor Vida: Which way to proceed further?
Kálmán Simon: Coal-mining in Hungary in the second half of the 20th century
László Kapolyi - Miklós Tóth: The potential of the domestic mining industry in the 21st century

The 175th anniversary of the Academic Library
Zsigmond Jakó: To make the best of the possibilities
Lajos Murányi: 175 years of serving scientists and research

Reflections in the library (Éva Apor, Zsolt Bánhegyi, István Borzsák, Dóra F.Csanak, G.Fekete, Ágnes Heller, Károly Lozsádi, Mária Ludassy, Csaba Pléh, Zsigmond Ritoók, János Szenthe)

Research and Environment
János Mészáros - Tibor Soós: The epidemiologic situation of the infectious Foot and Mooth Disease

Report on the annual Convention of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, May 2001 (László Szabados)

Science Policy
András Siegler: Integration and enlargement in the European Research Area

An "industrialist" on research. Miklós Csapody, Vice-President of GE Lighting interviewed by Zsuzsa Szentgyörgyi

The Scientific Workshop
István Mihály Szabó: Hungarian professional language at the turn of the Millennium

Book review

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